DymoFlex: High-End Domed Decals

Discover Intergraphics’ DymoFlex (Dynamic Molded Flexible Graphic), the first domed decal of its kind in Canada. Transform your logo with a unique and modern design that will enhance your brand’s identity and give it a distinct edge.

Create Professional Custom And Long-Lasting 3D Labels

This innovative, patented, and environmentally friendly technology produces badges with various finishes, including opaque, satin, glossy, and chrome finish that mimics the look of polished or brushed metal, all in multiple colours creating a strong visual impact.

Why DymoFlex Is The Perfect Identification Solution For Your Product?

DymoFlex’s impressive technology allows for the recreation of your logo with intricate details, resulting in top-notch identification quality.

How We Produce Our DymoFlex Decals

DymoFlex is composed of six unique layers that work together to provide optimal performance and durability. Each layer serves a specific purpose, creating a robust and reliable decal that can withstand time and temperature changes when combined.


What Makes DymoFlex Superior To Ordinary Domed Or Raised Labels?

Dymoflex triton

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    Your Industry Will Benefit From DymoFlex

    Our 3D emblem solution is designed to survive even the most challenging conditions and ensure that your products or vehicles maintain a flawless appearance. You can be confident that your image will continually be enhanced and never compromised.

    DymoFlex Industry Transit


    Get noticed every day by thousands of users by boosting your brand image with a modern, elegant logo.

    DymoFlex Industry Transportation


    You will make an impactful and lasting impression on the road by opting for bright and unique 3D emblems for all your vehicles.

    DymoFlex Industry Agricultural

    Agricultural Vehicles

    Stand out from the competition and elevate your brand by choosing an identification solution that reflects your high-end machinery quality.

    DymoFlex Industry Recreational Vehicles

    Recreational Vehicles

    Choose our distinctive and modern identification solution that will boost your brand’s exposure and survive all adventures your vehicles await.

    Transform Your Traditional 2D Logos Into Upstanding 3D Emblems And Badges

    By choosing our DymoFlex solution, you are ensured to bring your logo to life on the road or in your showroom with a stunning chrome finish and various colours that exude high-quality.

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