Custom Security / Void Decals

We design our security labels to provide a visible indication of tampering, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of your products. With customizable options and expert customer service, we make it easy to get the security labelling solutions you need to protect your brand from counterfeiting.

#1 Tamper Proof Labels Solution – Protecting The Integrity of Your Products From Counterfeiting

We provide void decals labels made of durable polyester or vinyl, ensuring that your labels resist harsh environments and stay intact. In addition, they are impossible to reseal or reuse, indicating tampering and guaranteeing your products’ authenticity.

Void Security Decals Icon Tamper Evident


Our security labels clearly indicate if someone has tampered with the product or decal, helping prevent theft, counterfeiting, and unauthorized access.

Void Security Decals Icon Long Lasting Durability


Our void labels are made from high-quality materials resistant to harsh environments, ensuring their integrity and effectiveness.

Void Security Decals Icon Customizable options


We offer a range of customizable options for our security labels, including serial numbers, barcodes, special inks, and other materials to meet your unique security needs.

Void Security Decals Icon Affordable Pricing


Our security and void decals offer long-term protection, saving you money by preventing costly tampering or counterfeiting attempts.

Durable Anti-Tampering Labels Popular Applications

Our durable anti-tampering labels are popularly used in various applications across industries to protect products and assets from tampering or unauthorized access.

Some typical applications include securing electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage packaging, transportation and logistics, and warranty seals for high-value products. They can also be used in authentication and verification processes for sensitive documents or materials.

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Void Security Decals Durable Anti Tampering Labels Popular Applications

Need UL Or CSA Certified Decals For Your Products?

We've got you covered! Our decals meet the rigorous standards required for certification, ensuring that your products meet safety regulations and are ready for the marketplace. Trust us to deliver the quality and reliability you need to succeed.

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OEM Decals CSA UL Certification

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